We develop software solutions for digital asset metrics and equip our clients with unique data insights for the crypto asset class.

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MakerDAO Metrics

Developed by Block Analitica & Santiment. Monitor, research, and analyse in-depth data relevant to MakerDAO ecosystem and other on-chain protocols related to DeFi (decentralized finance) on open public blockchains.

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Digital Asset Metrics

Monitor, research, and analyse in-depth data in fields of financial markets, blockchain on-chain dynamics, balance states, network statistics, social trends, market sentiment and development progress.

Our Digital Asset Metrics tool showing exchange balances and their share.

About Us

We believe that digital assets are an established asset class driven by specific rules and metrics. We focus on the aggregation of fundamental data which the sophisticated investor currently lacks when attempting to perform due diligence in the space of digital assets.

We understand and interpret blockchain network data dynamics and impose various metrics to benefit investment decision making. The price patterns of digital assets tend to correlate with various parameters of network activity, open source development and other typical trading venue attributes. Aggregated data is diagnosed and included in the Block Analitica platform where investors can obtain proper data with which to examine digital assets.

The Block Analitica team comprises four members with backgrounds in finance and computer science. The platform was born from a need to determine the fundamental components of digital portfolios.

Primoz Kordez, Founder of Block Analitica